Your entire portfolio in just one platform is the platform for the complete operational management and portfolio optimization of your plants. This allows you to merge your data from operations management and the associated business processes without system interruptions. is compatible with any commercially available hardware and can therefore be integrated into your portfolio without replacing the hardware on site.

With, you automate and digitize your entire business operations, enabling you to run more assets with your existing team and immediately increase your competitiveness.


  • Integrated control room for monitoring entire portfolios

  • Quick overview through individually customizable views

  • ultra-detailed insight with highest flexibility and resolution


  • individual creation of graphics

  • Dashboards within and across assets

  • Release to colleagues, customers and investors


  • has access to all data of the plants

  • Use fully customized reports or templates

  • automatic shipping rules save a lot of time

Fault diagnosis

  • 24/7 monitoring of plant performance

  • automatic ticket creation thanks to intelligent algorithms

  • Automatic assignment and notification of technicians

Maintenance and operations

  • Generate and assign inserts with one click

  • can be used as an app by their technicians in the field

  • automatic creation of individual maintenance reports

Master data

  • Create and manage all types of asset and customer data

  • a completely individual structure for all installations

  • Use all master data in individual reports

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The data logger and parking controller for all plants.

Our cloud.log is a parking controller and data logger at the same time. It configures itself independently based on the digital twin. This enables on-site commissioning in less than five minutes. The cloud.log is suitable for generation systems of any energy form from rooftop photovoltaic systems to large wind or ground-mounted solar farms. In addition, the cloud.log is certified as an EZA controller according to VDE-AR N 4110/4120 and can therefore implement all requirements with regard to park control. Thanks to its variety of interfaces (RS-485, analog, digital, TCP), it can connect all common devices such as inverters, meters, telecontrol components and sensors.

Direct marketing

  • The direct marketer interface is already integrated into cloud.log at no extra cost, so you don’t need any additional hardware to bring your plant into direct marketing.


  • As standard, we provide you with an LTE router with Internet access to all EU mobile networks – so you never have to search for a suitable mobile provider again.


  • In addition, we will be happy to create a complete telecontrol concept according to the requirements of your network operator – including connection via IEC 60870-5-101/104.