is the operating system and portfolio management for all renewable energies

The energy transition, sustainability, corporate environmental responsibility, digitalization – these are all mega-topics of our time. The development of the one conditions that of the other, and yet they sometimes give the impression of being in each other’s way.

Mega-trend energy transition

Electricity demand will increase in the coming years due to sector coupling, despite significant efficiency gains. The share of renewable energies in gross final energy consumption must increase from 35 percent today to 44 percent and in gross electricity consumption to 77 percent. This will not be easy and will require efforts from many sectors of the green tech industry. These efforts must apply equally to photovoltaics as to wind energy and all other green energies.

This is the situation of renewable energies

Anyone working with renewable energy today faces a fragmented and highly regulated market. Unclear legal regulations, high hardware costs, many manual processes and complex requirements for electricity trading and connection to direct marketing are hindering the industry. It is not made easy for energy companies to transfer their processes to digitalization and thereby make operations more efficient and economical.

Every company must contribute to the energy transition – the mission of is a consultant to all players in the energy industry and the producer of a crucial product, namely the operating system for all renewable energy plants.

If the energy turnaround is to be achieved,

  • technically complex processes have to be easy to handle.
  • more cost-effective business solutions are offered to operators, service providers and municipal electricity suppliers.

The energy startup, founded in Berlin in 2019, is making a technically and operationally significant contribution to this: it has developed the operating system for all renewable energies, for existing plants as well as for new plants, for small as well as for power plants.

This will bundle the core processes for the complete operation of all power plants (PV, wind, hydro) in a single platform. This includes complete document management, monitoring, maintenance and reporting. In addition,’s operating system allows direct marketing to be set up and monitored quickly, inexpensively and completely remotely.

This unique operating system works for all renewable energy installations, no matter what type, how large or how old they are. The goal:

  • greatly simplify handling with a modern cloud solution,
  • enable massive time savings through automated work flows and remote control technology, and
  • with the unique rental system incl. The guarantee of the hardware’s service life reduces the user’s cost pressure. also secures plant operators for Redispatch 2.0

As of 1.10.2021, regulations on Redispatch 2.0 will come into force. This represents a change by the legislator to forecast-based network regulation and control. Previously, conventional power plants with an installed capacity of 10 MW or more were affected by such regulations under Redispatch 1.0. Now operators of renewable energy plants are also getting involved. In the future, your plants must be able to be shut down in the event of an impending grid bottleneck. This protects transformers or line sections from overload. also puts its customers on the safe side in this process by taking over relevant tasks or arranging further service providers.

Renowned customers, partners and supporters trust

In just one year on the market, has attracted a wide range of well-known customers from the services (Q&Ms), plant construction (EPCs) and municipal power supply sectors. Among the most important market partners of are the Korean-German group Hanwha QCells, EnBW, NEXT Kraftwerke and ANE Energy.’s customers are mainly located in Germany, but there has also been a pilot project in Brazil since 2021. Experienced managers in the industry such as Stefan Müller of Enerparc AG and Martin Herrmann, the former CEO of Innogy, believe 100 percent in the progressive approach and are therefore privately invested in

Unique selling proposition as SaaS for renewable energies

With its platform and the in-house developed data logger/park controller cloud.log, is the operating system for all existing and new renewable energy plants and the convenient solution for direct marketing.

For the latter, additionally offers its customers its product. This is a complete service for a complete and certified connection to direct marketing.

The operating system works with all makes and all sizes of renewable energy systems. This gives micro-operators such as power plants and even Ü20 plants new real economic opportunities in the energy market.

No other portal offers this scope of services with the simplest handling. Even before’s efficient operating system, there was no uniform solution on the market worldwide.

Cost savings through

The solution for renewable energy plants saves costs for operators in several relevant places:

  • Conventional systems incur high costs due to the parallel use of different systems, for example in monitoring and loggers.
  • Traditionally, high hardware and licensing costs have to be paid per system. This also places the risk on the user. Through its low-cost rental system, saves operators these costs while ensuring that every customer is always working with the latest software version.
  • With conventional direct marketing, a lot of time is required, e.g. for the implementation of remote control, and there may be a risk of loss of remuneration as a result. Both are no longer necessary, as the solution installs itself in minutes via remote maintenance and the system is immediately ready for operation.
  • The office and administrative effort becomes vanishingly small due to the algorithm-controlled evaluation of all data. eliminates the need for email-driven ticketing and mostly manual reporting.
  • When technical problems arise, customers of conventional systems often feel left to their own devices. services happen via digital twin, the customer has no effort with it.

Overall, the cost savings of an customer add up to about 30 percent with the same effectiveness of the system.

Other companies offer monitoring software – delivers the entire EE operations management from a single source

  • Whether on-site at the plant or digitally, trains its customers’ team so efficiently that they quickly become experts for their own plant.
  • Due to the constant further development and adaptation of the software, is exclusively extended for the customer.
  •’s engineers do not bypass the customer to develop complex projects, but work directly with him.
  • The rescue operations guarantee the rapid continued operation of the plant instead of shutting it down for an extended period of time.
  • Of course, offers a white label solution and brands the customer’s facility and all documents uniformly in its CI.

TÜV certified

Since 2020 has been certified by TÜV Hessen (iso9001) and TÜV Rheinland (VDE4110). develops its products directly from the user’s point of view. This is possible because the founders have gained practical experience as service providers in the green tech industry for a long time. The idea to develop came to them in a very practical way directly on the ladder in a customer’s cowshed. Since 2019, they have been successfully unfolding their business idea and in 2022 founded a subsidiary for direct marketing, Energy Services GmbH. | May 19, 2022